Learn to master Perl development step-by-step, and make your first unique, advanced program in 30 days.
Hindi, English

What Will I Learn?

  • Overview Of Operating Systems
  • Basic Commands Of UNIX/LINUX
  • Perl Overview
  • Scalar Data Types
  • Flow Control
  • Arrays
  • Hashes (Associative Arrays)
  • Subroutines
  • Regular Expression
  • User Defined Functions
  • Courses Offered

Course highlights:

Perl language borrow features from other programming languages such as C, shell script , AWK, and sed. They provide powerful text handling facilities without the illogical data-length limits of many contemporary Unix command line tools, easing manipulation of text files. Perl 5 gained prevalent popularity in the late 1990s as a CGI scripting language, in part due to its unparalleled regular expression and string parsing abilities. A family of high-level, general-purpose, interpreted, run-time programming languages.

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