SAP BI Online Training

Business intelligence (BI) is an application used for giving meaning to raw data that an organization has. The raw data is cleansed, stored and applied with business logics to be useful for enterprise users to make better business decisions. This data can be presented in the form of reports and can be displayed in the form of tables, charts etc. which is efficient and easier to analyse and make business decisions.

  BI has become a necessity in oder to successfully compete in today’s marketplace. High-performing companies are 50% more likely to use analytic information strategically. Per Gartner, analytics is the #1 priority in 2013. 

  • Information is growing at 50% per month - 800% in the next five years.
  • Analytic platform adoption has already become the most significant spending shift in database systems over the past 10 years.
  • Social media, the web, and cloud are generating an even greater need for accurate and timely analytics.
  • Organizations earn an average of $10.66 for every dollar spent on deploying analytics, more than 1,000% ROI.

Training Modes

Training Method- Instructor led Online Class

Duration- 60 hrs

Class Duration- 90 mins

Training Method- Instructor led Online Class

Duration- 60 hrs

Class Duration- 90 mins

SAP BI Training Content

  • Data Warehouse Introduction
  • BW / BI Introduction
  • SAP Landscape
  • OSS
  • Standard Naming convention in SAP- BI
  • Discussion Groups
Unit 1: Data warehouse concepts and Overview
  • ETL
  • Star Schema
  • Snow Flake Schema
  • Data Warehouse and Datamart
  • Measures, Dimensions and Facts
  • Level and Hierarchy
  • Slowly Changing & Confirmed Dimensions
  • Aggregates, Aggregation Strategy, Compression Ratio, Indexing Strategy
  • Business Warehouse Architecture
  • Extended Star Schema
  • DIM / SID Tables
  • Data Storage
  • Data Acquisition
  • Reporting and Analysis Tools
Unit 3: Info Objects of Business Warehouse
  • InfoArea ,Info Object ,InfoObject Catalog
  • Info Object Definitions : Characteristics , Key Figures, Time and Unit
  • Dimension / Key Figures
  • Basic Cube / Transactional Cube
  • Virtual/Remote Cube
  • Multi-Provider
  • ODS / Data Store Object ( DSO )
  • PSA
  • Aggregates
  • InfoSets
  • Non-R3 Data Module
  • Compression
  • Indexes and Partition
  • Business Content, How to install BI contents.
  • FIGL/FIAP/FIAR Business Contents
Unit 6: ETL Overview
  • R/3 Data ETL Process
  • Flat File ETL Process
  • Monitor
  • Source System
  • DB connect
  • Master Data ( Attributes , Texts and Hierarchies )
  • Extract Structure – DataSource/Transfer Structure
  • Communication Structure
  • Transfer / Update Rules / Transformations
  • Hierarchies
  • Info Package
  • R3 / Flat File Data
  • Delta Extraction
  • Standard BC
  • Custom Table Extraction
  • Creation of Data Transfer Process ( DTP )
  • Info Package
  • Process Chain
  • InfoSpoke
Unit 9: BEx Query Designer
  • Queries, Tabular Queries
  • Query Properties
  • Variables: variable wizard , variable types and processing types.
  • Restricted Key Figures
  • Calculated Key Figures
  • Structures: creating re-usable structures
  • Cell Definition
  • Conditions and Exceptions
  • Query Copy/Delete between cubes.
  • WAD: Functions, web item window, template window, properties window
  • Role Menu
  • Creating web applications, settings, style sheets , symbols and properties.
  • Web Items: Tables, Text Box, Filters, Drop down box, Graph, etc.
  • Web Analyzer
  • Information Broadcasting
  • Report to Report Interface – RRI
  • Hierarchy Reporting
  • Workbook
  • Queries
  • Personalize Variables
  • Data Area and Query Area
Unit 13: Portal Interface
  • Web Template iView Creation
  • Publish Web Template in the portal
Unit 14: Admin & Security
  • User Management
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Authorization Object
  • Performance Tuning : Data Loading Performance ,Query Performance
  • Transports Organizer : Real business scenario on system Environment and moving
  • objects from one system to another.
  • BW Statistics / Admin Cookpit
  • ASAP Methodology, Implementation methods for SAP and Typical project Management
  • OSS Notes
  • Service marketplace
  • Business Analysis techniques.

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